Typo3 CMS


What is Typo3 CMS?

Typo3 is the industry leading enterprise level open source Content Management System solution for small and medium sized enterprises. It is a user friendly piece of software that allows users to produce and maintain web pages with a single click of the mouse. It allows integration of multimedia content types and dynamic server-side image manipulation. Typo3 is a server-side platform-independent application that can be used with any available browser. The design and content are completely separated. The design options are not limited and site redesigns are easily accommodated. Typo3 is based on the PHP server language and uses MySQL for its database connectivity.

TYPO3 CMS is an insightful tool that is highly user friendly and can be used by authors, content managers, administrators, agencies and web developers.

Why use Typo3 CMS?

Typo3 is a mature Enterprise Web Content Management System that allows for the creation, editing, processing, archiving and administration of texts, documents and files. It allows non-technical people to use and maintain the system without the need for learning programming languages and coding. Typo3 CMS makes it very engaging for the users contribute to the website. It also makes it easy to post new content or redesign layouts and templates.

The Typo3 Content Management System can be run on various web servers with great compatibility such as IIS or Apache and on operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows, OS/2.

Collaboration is made pretty simple with the internal messaging and standard workflow. You can even customize permissions to users regarding access to information in the Content Management System. The administrator has the power to designate selective power to content editors or groups as and when required basing on the roles they play.

Typo3 has good security features that secure both the front-end and back-end systems. The administrator can disable some user accounts and also change passwords. Typo3 also allows testing of new features on the website without disrupting the normal functioning of the rest of the website.

The greatest benefit of Typo3 is that the design and content are stored in different locations making redesigning very easy. Website users can provide their input in the forms of forums, pages etc. You can choose from numerous templates present in the library to customize your CMS according to your requirements.

PolarisCMS.com's Typo3

We at PolarisCMS.com provide you with a customized Typo3 based on your requirements. The coding is based on open architecture allowing us to upgrade or even include functionalities and customize the codes the way you want your enterprise solution to look like. We can make additions to your Content Management System according to your requirements because Typo3 includes development wizards and extensions.

Our Typo3 provides you managing your websites with ease since its administrative functions are very simple to handle. At PolarisCMS.com, we offer services like Typo3 extensions development and modifications and development of templates. Our experienced team of professionals has specialized in and have exhaustive knowledge of Typo3 CMS development.

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