About Us
PolarisCMS is a White Label CMS (content management System) providing more features, functions and flexibility to global web professionals, than ever before. The breakthrough technology used for this web platform has been built over a 6 year period and includes a highly advanced Website Builder CMS, a full-scale Online Catalog and Ecommerce Shopping Cart, and a range of high-end functional tools to create feature-rich websites.

PolarisCMS includes more web designer and web developer oriented tools, with greater system flexibility and customization capability than any competitive web platform in the industry.

With the White Label PolarisCMS web platform, web professionals have more features, widgets and included web tools in order to allow for the creation and output of extremely professional company websites for their clients, with a large number of very interactive, usable and functional business tools, and a high-design user interface.



PolarisCMS is a division of OnlyBusiness.com, LLC, and is the web platform engine that powers OnlyBusiness.com and a range of other web entities.

Founded by Mark Friedman and Daniel Meyerov, PolarisCMS is a fully White Labeled web platform and CMS solution, allowing web professionals to incorporate the system in their provision of services to their customers, and to brand and market the system under their own logo and company information. This provides them with full client ownership in the market, with no other brand present in the system that they are providing to their client base.

PolarisCMS was created out of the need for a comprehensive web platform and CMS that actually created functional, beautiful websites that would stand out from the crowd. This meant not only creating hundreds of features and tools, but also making it easy and quick for web professionals to create high-design, professional websites that are able to represent the aspirational brands of the businesses that they stand for in the online space.  Web Designers, Developers, Agencies, Hosts, ISP’s and other Web Professionals use the CMS to create websites for their clients. PolarisCMS.com also allows and supports multi-languages, whereby web professionals worldwide can create their websites in any language for their customers, using multi-language characters for their site content.

The PolarisCMS technology platform has vast capabilities, from creating standard brochure websites to advanced Ecommerce or Database Driven websites. Web professionals have as much or as little flexibility with their site design and creation as they need, and can start with a ‘blank canvas’ and use all of the system tools to completely customize their website designs, or they can start off one of our base designs and customize their site designs from there. Web professionals can also upload their own custom designs, which will seamlessly integrate with the platform backend (according to preset parameters), and they can always edit the CSS and/or the HTML of their site pages to ensure they get the design finish and consistency they are looking for. We also provide web tools that no other system provides to the web professional, such as a built-in Flash Banner Builder/Manager, a full custom database search facility and the ability to upload your own site design and custom flash banners, etc.

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