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FREE White Label our CMS as your own
White Labeled version of CMS branded 100% as your own.
Get 1 FREE account to either use for your own website or for an End-Client. This can be either an Ecommerce or Non-Ecommerce Website.
Customize the design of your client login areas to your white labeled site.
Point your white labeled site to your own domain (if you already have a domain you want to use,
that is fine. If not, you can register a new domain for free).
100% white labeled support manuals for your clients.
Manage all your client sites from one Control Panel.
Allow your clients to log in to their own website accounts on your branded infrastructure in order to manage their websites and content through your branded environment.
Turn tools in CMS on/off depending on what you want your end client to view.
Control Login Credentials for each client.
24/7 Ticket Support / 8AM - 6PM Chat Support - For reseller support only.
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