Enterprise Content Management


What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consists of strategies, methods and tools for obtaining, managing, storing and delivering content related to an organization’s processes. With ECM tools, you can manage your organization’s information needs at all times. An Enterprise Content Management system allows the organization of unstructured information so that it can be used throughout the company. These systems have strategies by which all the content within the organization can be managed, allowing people and systems to use it in a business context. Enterprise Content Management is an ongoing strategy that evolves continuously to maximize how content can be utilized.

A reliable Enterprise Content Management system has the following features:

Document Management simplifies document creation, updating, search and retrieval, long-term archiving and saving different versions. It also generates reports in different formats.

Records Management involves records from contracts and complaints to invoices or anything that is kept for future recollection or confirmation of certain events. Managing of records involves content retrieval (through indexing and metadata), protection, retention, and final deletion.

Workflow Management provides support to business processes by managing the flow of documents so that tasks can be completed on time. It also involves routing content, assigning work tasks and creating audit trails of who did what, why, when and how.

Collaboration Management allows collaboration among employees by sharing documents and supporting project teams scattered in different geographical locations. It therefore enhances productivity, innovation, and efficiency.

Web Content Management allows businesses to mange their online presence easily without going into technical details. Today, it is becoming important for businesses since the Internet helps in promoting their business. Internally, employees and externally customers, suppliers, and the government can access the information. Web content management is necessary to identify the goals of each website and provide needed content in desired formats to achieve the goals.

Why need an Enterprise Content Management system?

Enterprise Content Management is about managing documents, processes or content needed for successful working of the company. There should be a system in place for storage of data and easy retrieval of data. An Enterprise Content Management organizes your documents making it easier to access them even if you change developers. When you need a particular record, instead of going over file cabinets an Enterprise Content Management system can retrieve data even dating back to ten years.  

With the Enterprise Content Management system, the major objective of connecting business processes can be achieved. This results in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. Enterprise Content Management basically involves formulation of strategies, developing policies and implementing those strategies, organizing the entire system to achieve goals. This is done by the using the right Enterprise Content Management software and training the personnel for using the content available to them.

With PolarisCMS.com, you can have an affordable, platform based solution for managing your company’s unstructured content right. This scalable and comprehensive Enterprise Content Management solution will make searching, viewing, securing, storing and routing your company’s electronic content very easy.

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