Case Study

I have been designing websites for over 15 years now. I am not a programmer so I have always used programs such as front page (at the time) and Dreamweaver to convert my code.
The way the industry has evolved over the years, other tools came out to enable designers like me to create functional websites without coding experience. I used a content management tool (CMS) that I was exposed to about 6 years ago which allowed me to develop sites that would enable my clients freedom to start updating their sites themselves. However, there were serious limitations and I still required a programmer to assist me.

Last year I did a trip to the States and while doing some research, found out about I was truly impressed that there was a CMS tool out there that could allow the layman to build fantastic websites. They are the only system I have ever seen with everything built-in, including an advanced flash CMS to build banners with a variety of different fading effects, text effects as well as funky navigation bar tools. I did not think it was possible to do that in CMS. So, that was the first thing that impressed me. I then started to work with the system myself and I am still discovering the many different Add-Ons and Widgets that are already built into the system.

On the Ecommerce side of life, I had done a couple of Ecommerce sites using my previous system but it did not give me or my clients the total freedom to manage the backend. I still needed a programmer to do the database integration.

I then tried for my next ecommerce site. ( I used one of the many base designs that PolarisCMS had to offer. My client was truly blown away. I looked like a genius too. My site was polished, slick and functional. Offering all the latest plug-in technology, social media and newsletter capabilities all with a click of a widget. The benefit to me was that not only were my sites looking more professional, they were costing much less to develop. All of a sudden my margins increased dramatically J

I then embarked on a second ecommerce site ( This was a little trickier as the client had very specific functional requirements. This turned out being no problem at all. The support team were great in helping me getting the site exactly as the site wanted! The backend functionality remained intact and my client can manage her stock, orders and products seamlessly.

My portfolio is growing all the time and I'm in the process of designing my own website with PolarisCMS. I really feel like my career can take off in a more professional direction knowing that PolarisCMS is simply the best web design platform I have ever come across. The team is constantly making improvements to their environment and it seems that every week I am seeing great new add-ons and tools!

I highly recommend to any website designer looking to build great websites for a much lower cost and shorter time to get to market!

Sandra Joselyn - CEO
Giddy Up Designs.

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