Mark Friedman
Founder and CEO
As co-founder and CEO of PolarisCMS, Mark Friedman has been involved in Web technologies and businesses since 1995. His latest venture, PolarisCMS, uses breakthrough technology to allow web professionals to create functional high-end websites.   The technology also includes powerful E-commerce software as well as a strong web marketing platform.  Founded with business partner, Daniel Meyerov, PolarisCMS is a division of, LLC. 

Friedman has successfully founded and operated four Web companies which have completed several million dollars in sales revenues over a fifteen year span.   These companies include  Polaris Blue, a highly successful web development company, consulting with start-ups and implementing high-end web software builds, helping them leverage the web to increase their bottom line and improve business process.

In addition, Friedman founded Directly Mobile which flourished and became a leading E-commerce company selling mobile products and services online.   This included creating a functional Ecommerce Shopping Cart from scratch. The company was eventually sold in 2003. Friedman’s expertise also includes implementing robust applications/Web systems, marketing strategies and managing development teams and employees.

Friedman is also very active in the web community, mentoring other founders with their startups and growth strategy. He also loves golf and beach vacations!
Daniel Meyerov
Founder and COO

As co-founder and COO of PolarisCMS, Daniel Meyerov’s goal is give design companies and web professionals the infrastructure to build and develop high-end, feature-rich websites for their clients at an extremely affordable cost! Meyerov has been passionately involved in growing businesses online for over a decade. Since 1995, Meyerov has been committed to the planning and building of integrated strategic brands and implementing both marketing and IT systems that help businesses grow and attract customers. As an expert on strategy, branding, IT initiatives, and advanced solutions for Web-based businesses, Meyerov brings his full arsenal of experience to bear for the companies that have joined the PolarisCMS network.

Meyerov has long been focused on the Web as a major strategic environment for clients. He has been offering web-based services, together with brand identity development, to increase market success for individual clients across a myriad of vertical markets. Meyerov provides sales, planning, functional specification, project management and account management to full-scale ECommerce web systems, Supply-Chain Management, eProcurement and Content Management systems, SME businesses, as well as to government and utility entities. Working successfully in a number of international markets (US, Australia and South Africa) Meyerov has acquired significant exposure to the imperatives of brand strategy and Web/IT development around the world.

More recently, Meyerov and business partner Mark Friedman, created Polaris Blue – a full service, Web development and incubation company offering high-end, custom web/business solutions to US and international markets. Meyerov and Friedman now continue their collaboration on other projects and opportunities, most notably, the launch of PolarisCMS.

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