Founders Mark Friedman and Daniel Meyerov found themselves constantly asking  the below questions, we think many Web Designers will recognize them.  We had a busy Web Design Agency and tried outsourcing many times. We tried low cost outsourcing which looked great on paper, but the stress of early morning Skype calls together with inconsistent design output, forced us to rethink out strategy. So in 2004, we set out to build a system that could solve our problems. We had to ensure that sites built using PolarisCMS could be incredibly functional with a huge array of tools. We are confident that when you sign-up for a FREE TRIAL¸ you will be very impressed!
We are overloaded with work and cannot accept any more jobs, I wish I could find a reliable Company to outsource the work to, who could work at a reasonable cost and uphold my high level design expectations.
ANSWER: Outsource all your design work to PolarisCMS for some of the lowest costs in the industry WITHOUT sacrificing quality of design. Then, present the client the CMS and Shopping Cart under YOUR domain and branding, allowing your clients to edit their sites and manage their Online Catalog. We offer either FLAT RATE pricing or MONTHLY BUNDLED pricing.
We would like to build all client websites ourselves, but we feel limited by Wordpress or any of the other CMS's we use. We tried using Drupal and some other Open Source CMS systems, but found that it was necessary to get developers to help code the sites. We don't want to have to code anything, we just want to design the site exactly how we want and be able to add functionality with easy to use Drag and Drop Tools.
SOLUTION: Take a look at featured sites using the PolarisCMS system and Shopping Carts. Look at the level of functionality, finish and design styling. Compare them to other CMS systems where designs look flat and uninteresting. Not to mention, we boast more Add-Ons than any other CMS system. Take a System Tour here to view the kind of options you have when building sites using PolarisCMS.
We always have issues with Hosting, Mapping Domains, Site Analytics, etc. It would be great if we could find one system where everything was managed and we didn't have to worry about doing anything 'technical' and could just rest easy and know that it's taken of.
SOLUTION: PolarisCMS has several servers hosted at Rackspace, one of the top Data Centers in the world. Additionally, we are on the EdgeCast CDN (content delivery network) caching all sites worldwide, allowing for extremely fast load time wherever it's being called from. This is especially useful for designers in other Countries, who need to ensure their sites load quickly without any delay. PolarisCMS also has full redundancy and does nightly backups, assuring no data loss.
When we build Ecommerce Sites, we find that integrating the Shopping Cart is a painful, lengthy process. It requires developers and designers and there always seem to be problems. We have used Hosting Shopping Carts before, but find that we are very limited on what we can do on static pages outside the cart pages.
SOLUTION: PolarisCMS is one fully integrated system. This means that the Ecommerce Cart is seamlessly part of any Ecommerce Plan. This not only allows great flexibility with designing the overall Ecommerce Store, but also a very quick time to launch. Our Ecommerce Cart is fully White Labeled with advanced functionality.
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